Boston Bilingual Singers, LLC

Children's Choral Studio


Private voice lessons

Individual voice lessons are recommended for children who has some choral singing experience or 8 years old and up.

Children's voices develop as they mature and choice of repertoire will be based on children's ability to sing with correct intonation, their vocal range, and overall singing technique. Repertoire will be selected from folk songs, classical and contemporary composers' compositions, and songs from musicals and movies.



30 minute - $46.50

45 minute - $61.50

60 minute - $76.50

Discount is given to children from the choir to study voice ($5)


All is Found, from Frozen. Maya a choir and a vocal student.

Feed the Birds and Evening Prayer, Maria (voice student)

Barbarina's Aria W. Mozart, Natalia (voice student)

The Wind and the Leaves and O Mister Piper, Olga (choir and voice student)

Good Morning, N.H. Brown. Maya (choir and voice student)

Piano and Voice concert Part II. Spring 2022.

Piano and Voice concert I part. Spring 2022

Alissa, 2nd year student. Rehearsal.

My Favorite Things (from the Sound of Music)

Maria. V.

Лунный зайчик, И. Рушанский

Maria V., 9 years old.

Vocal students' concert. January 2022.


La Pastorella Delle Alpi by G. Rossini

Alex P. (voice student 2nd year)

The Evening Prayer by E. Humperdinck

Olya (private voice student and choir singer, 10 yo)

Part of your World from The Little Mermaid

Olga T. 9 yo.

Se tu ma mi by Parisotti

Alissa H.

Two Marionettes by Cooke

Alex P.

O give me Wings Traditional

Santa Lucia, traditional Neopolitan

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Olga T. 9 yo.

Ho, Mister Piper!

O Danny Boy. Irish traditional. Zakhar L. 11 yo.

Всюду музыка живет, Я. Дубравин

Lullaby by J. Brahms


Funiculi Funicula by L. Denza

Золушка, И. Цветков

Come to my garden, by L. Simon. Alissa H.

(master-class with Professor Maria Ludko)

Гаврош, Я. Дубравин. Zakhar L. 9 yo.

Ты человек, из кинофильма Приключения Электроника

7 years old. Катюша М. Блантер.

(ученица из хора готовится к Talent show)


Private piano lessons

Piano lessons are recommended for children 6 years old and up. No previous experience is required. Each student will have a customized lesson plan and program that will support his existing skills and abilities and stimulate further development of a young pianist.

Children who are younger than 6 years old should schedule a consultation with a piano teacher to see if a child is ready for lessons.


Mini - Group piano lessons. (2-3 children in a class)

New class! 

This class is offered for children 6-8 years old and will help them to make first steps in piano playing. Children will learn some concepts from music grammar such as how to read basic rhythm and melodic patterns, they will explore a keyboard and learn how to find notes. There will be various music games and ensembles with the teacher. Every child will have her own keyboard and learn proper position at the piano as well as hand and wrist position. As a culmination of the course they will play a song.

These classes will offered in 6 lesson packs.



Private lessons

30 minutes - $46.50

45 minutes -$61.50

60 minutes - $77


Mini- groups

60 minutes - $40

January 14th winter concert (2023). 2nd part

January 14th winter concert (2023). 1st part

Winter 2023, Victoria

Winter 2023, Anna

Music Living Room, Fall 2022.

Anna S. Winter 2022 performance.

January 2022 piano concert. All levels. Highlights.

January 2022 piano concert. Beginner level. Full video.


Zoe, 2nd year. Virtual performance, 2021. 

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, by P. Tchaikovsky

Zoe, 2nd year. Virtual performance, 2021. 

Mischief by F. Handel.

Anna 3rd year student. March by S. Prokofiev.

Anna, 3rd year student,

How Far I will go from Moana.

Vika, 4th year student. Jingle Bells.

Anton, 2nd year student

Марш Черномора

Anton, 2nd year student.

Melancholy by W. Mozart

Alissa, 1st year student, Boogie woogie.

Vika, 2nd year student. Polka by Glinka

Polina, 1st year student

Vika, 2nd year student. Entertainer by Joplin.