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Children's Choral Studio

Summer music programs will be offered on July 10th and August 7th. Details are coming up on February 1st.

Летние программы планируются 10 -14 июля и с 7-11 августа. Регистрация откроется 1 февраля.

February school vacation 20th-24th

One week music program is open for children aged 7-12 with or without music education experience.

Sample schedule:

  • Group piano lesson (children are split into two groups by skill level)
  • Choir
  • Music Literature (creative power point presentations that include music excerpts, pictures, story-telling and sometimes accompanying projects.)
  • Choral solfeggio and music grammar (in groups). Music games (rhythm and melodic dictations, dynamics, team competitions)
  • “My favorite book” presentation
  • Craft projects, Lego, drawing projects and more.
  • Outdoor time

On Friday there will be a mini-concert with piano and vocal music by students.


Monday-Friday: 9am – 3:30pm

Early arrival (8:30am) and late dismissal (4:00pm). Extra 30 minutes are 10$

Children need to bring their lunch. There is a microwave in the studio that can be used if needed. Snacks and water are provided. Water bottles will be refilled. No juices or sweet drinks in the studio please.

Three music teachers, with Master’s and DMA diplomas in performance and pedagogy, will lead the program.

  • Ekaterina Anoshkin - program director
  • Eva Dominiak - music literature teacher  
  • Gulnara Ozdemir - piano teacher

Tuition for a week is $475

Siblings get $25 off if join the program.

Registration fee is $100 (has to be paid to keep a spot)

The remainder of tuition will be due on February 1st. Tuition refund (minus registration fee) will be given in case of a force majeure such as a family emergency, or Covid/flu sickness (doctor’s note is required).


Drop in days are permitted, with first day being recommended as we get to know each other. Participation in a Friday final show might not happen 

if your child is part time in a camp though. One day is $95.



Boston Bilingual Singers обьявляет зимнюю музыкальную программу для детей от 7-12 лет. В расписание каждого дня будет входить:

  • групповое занятие по фортепиано (группы по уровням)
  • хор
  • увлекательная музыкальная литература
  • хоровое сольфеджио и музыкальная грамота (группы по уровням)
  • музыкальные игры и викторины
  • презентации любимых книг. Короткий пересказ о чем книга, и кто написал.  
  • художественные проекты: рисование, поделки, лепка, Лего.
  • Прогулки на Memorial field in Needham. Лепка снеговиков и игры.
  • Заключительным проектом недели станет выступление детей в концерте вокальной и фортепианной музыки. 


Время с 9 am – 3:30 pm

Раннее прибытие к 8:30 am – экстра $10 в день.

Позднее окончание в 4 pm – экстра 10$ в день.

Программу ведут профессиональные музыканты педагоги: Катя Аношкина, Ева Доминяк, Гульнара Оздемир. Двое подростков-волонтеров будут помогать с играми в парке, и в помещении.

Студия предоставляет перекус (фрукты, крекеры), воду. Дети приносят с собой ланч, многоразовую бутылку для воды. Есть холодильник и микроволновка.

Дети приносят бутылку-термос для воды и носки которые нужно носить в студии.

Стоимость недели $475

Скидка на второго ребенка в программе $25

Регистрационный взнос  $100 (будет учитываться как часть оплаты и возврату не подлежит).

Полная оплата программы должна быть произведена не позднее 1 февраля. Оплата возвращается только в случае форс мажорных обстоятельств (таких как карантин (lockdown), или проблем со здоровьем подтвержденных справкой от врача.


Вы можете записать ребенка на определенные дни и не всю неделю. Первый день лагеря мы знакомимся, поэтому рекомендуем прйити

в первый день. Также, возможно что из за не полного участия в классах ваш ребенок не будет готов к показу в Пятницу.

Один день лагеря $95









Circle time/ice breakers game

Circle time/ice breakers game



Group piano



Group piano





Morning snack


Morning snack









Book presentations

(student's choice of their book to share with others)

drawing of characters as accompanying activity.


Book presentations

(student's choice of their book to share with others)

Drawing of characters as accompanying activity.




music theory/solfeggiomusic theory/solfeggio
















Music literature



Music literature



Quiet time/reading

Books, national geographic journals

Quiet time/reading

Books, national geographic journals



At 3:30pm



Group 1

Piano ensemble performance

Choir performance

Group 2

Piano ensemble performance

Choir performance


PLEASE READ THIS LEGAL DOCUMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING. THIS IS A CONTRACTUAL WAIVER AND FULL RELEASE OF LIABILITY. THE MASSACHUSETTS COURTS HAVE GENERALLY UPHELD RELEASES SUCH AS THIS AND A DISCUSSION OF THEIR VALIDITY IS CONTAINED IN THE DECISION OF SHARON V. CITY OF NEWTON, A WHICH IS ATTACHED FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Waiver and Liability Release I, ______________, hereby give permission for my/our child _______ to participate in classes and programs of the Boston Bilingual Singers, at its physical or virtual place of business, and any other locations utilized or provided by Boston Bilingual Studio for its programs and instruction and performances. By signing this form you give the studio permission to use photos and videos taken at the rehearsals or concerts for promotion of the studio. On behalf of my/our child and on our own behalf, in exchange for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby enroll my child in classes and programs of the Boston Bilingual Singers and all other associated activities and for myself and my child do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless, and waive and release all claims of each and every nature whether sounding in contract or tort or otherwise against the Boston Bilingual Singers Studio, its principles, agents, servants, and employees from any and against any loss, cost, charge, claim, demand, liability, damage, medical expenses, arising directly or indirectly from any personal injury or property damage loss, which may occur to my child while enrolled or on the premises of the Boston Bilingual Singers, or any other location provided by the Boston Bilingual Singers, and/or under instruction, supervision, or control of the Boston Bilingual Singers Studio. I understand that this is a pre-injury release and that the extent of any unexpected harm is presently unknown. This Waiver and Full Liability Release applies without limitation to, but is not limited to, private lessons, group classes, recitals, special events, travel, and any other Boston Bilingual Singers studio-related activity whether at its main facility, its parking lot, or at another location utilized or traveled to for hosting a Boston Bilingual Singers studio-related activity. I have read, understood, and agreed to all of the stated terms and asked any questions that I may have and have received acceptable and satisfactory answers. I have also been advised that I have the option and opportunity to consult my own legal representative prior to electronically signing this document.

One day at the camp $98

Two days at the camp $196

Three days at the camp $294

Four days at the camp $392

Winter music camp tuition $489 (includes $14 transaction fee)